There is a new album (well, new in 2009) by The Universal Steve called Ryer Island. It is available from Amazon and iTunes. Unfortunately, we are dinosaurs who created what used to be called an “album.” It had a carefully-chosen song order. Some songs even segue into one another. Well, the concept of “album” apparently no longer exists because the song order on Amazon and iTunes is not the same as the song order we created. Just in case you are a dinosaur like us and would like to hear the songs in their proper order, here it is:

  1. Egrets
  2. Fate Drives My Car
  3. Plastic
  4. Breathe
  5. Drool
  6. Undertow
  7. Jeff
  8. Bright Day
  9. Winter
  10. Happiness
  11. Ordinary Way
  12. Touch
  13. Waves
  14. Let You Go

We have no illusions of being culturally significant but, as you might imagine, it is somewhat disheartening to have a project that one worked so hard on be treated in so cavalier a manner. But the worst part is that we are classified as a Country artist. Apparently having one song with a country feel automatically contaminates the entire production. On top of that, it is classified under a separate artist from E Pluribus Esteban, so the two don't show up together when you search for The Universal Steve.

In spite of the incorrect song order and classification, we are very proud of this album and we hope that you enjoy it.

The cover photo was taken by Steve Edberg inside the studio we built on Ryer Island. The goat belonged to Steve and Cara Bryant.

Paul Takushi was kind enough to produce some video of us playing at our gala release concert and post it on The Internet.

E Pluribus Esteban
E Pluribus Esteban

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